Energyist Table of Contents

The following is the table of contents to the book The Energyists.


Chapter One: Mutually Biased Organization (mbo)

1. Enabled to Do a Job

2. MBO’s Are Nature’s Way of Handling Messiness

3. Laws versus Logics

4. Peritythmic Organization

5. Referenced Randomness

6. Immediate, Expansive, and Focalized Features

7. Truth in a World of MBO’s

8. Orienteering

i. Natural Orienteering

ii. Human Orienteering

9. Morality as an Example of Orienteering

Chapter Two: Energy and the MBO’s

10. The Habits of Energy

11. Ability

12. Two Worldviews: Energy versus Forces

13. Assembled Causality in Nature

14. Energyism or Materialism?

Chapter Three: Corollaries

15. Not Just Significance But Measurable Significance

16. Inside & Outside

17. Non-Immediacy

18. The Suggestive Universe

19. Laws without Rule-Following

20. Cultural Evolution and a New Dialectic

Chapter Four: How MBO’s Are Made in Nature

21. Mutualism

22. Contributing Phenomena to MBO Formation

23. Expansive Evolution

24. Applications to Issues in Bioevolution

Chapter Five: Measurement

25. Reference Schemes

26. Graphing: Force is a Feature

i. Noncausality and Scientific Laws (a Review)

ii. The Graphs of Scientific Laws

iii. Graphing the Feature of Force

27. The Universe Measures

28. Consciousness

29. Truth, again

Chapter Six: Some Philosophical Issues

30. Teleology

31. Purpose as a Principle of Organization

32. Non-Immediacy, Hard and Soft

33. Noncausality

34. Comparison with Statistics

35. Markov

36. Determinism

Chapter Seven: Featurism, Information and Signalling

37. An Overview

38. Information

39. Signalling

40. Applications

41. Logotypes

42. Circumstance

43. Feature-Signalling and Featurism

Chapter Eight: Walking in a World of Signals

44. Looking Around

Chapter Nine: Some Comparisons

45. Ergonomic Logic

46. Biasing versus Interactions

Chapter Ten: Science

47. Reproducibility and Demonstration

48. The Anyone Criterion

49. Domain-finding

50. Entropy, Order, and Organization

51. Other Topics in Science

Chapter Eleven: Referentialism (Compare Perspectivism)

52. A Referencing Perspective

53. Machine Intelligence and Measuring

54. Referentialism

55. Ekpoietic Organization

56. Some Standard Questions

Conclusion: Being an Energyist

References, with Commentary